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Holidays in Plattling near Deggendorf Holidays in Plattling near Deggendorf Holidays in Plattling near Deggendorf
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of attractive excursion destinations

Plattling and its surroundings offer a wealth of attractive excursion destinations for visitors of all ages and interests. From nature experiences to cultural sights and leisure activities - visitors will find a variety of opportunities. Thanks to our direct location at Plattling main station, you can visit Munich, Passau, Regensburg and Landshut within an hour.

Ferry Posching

Ferry Posching

This ferry is a traditional passenger and car ferry that allows people to get from one side of the river to the other without having to use a bridge.
It is an indispensable part of the local infrastructure and allows mobility and access to various places along the river Isar. It provides an important link across the river for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. It also plays an essential role in the regional transport system.

Metten Monastery

The monastery site impresses with its impressive architecture and historical charm. The magnificent baroque church and other monastery buildings bear witness to the artistic craftsmanship of bygone eras and invite visitors to explore the fascinating history of the monastery.

Metten Monastery is not only a place of faith, but also a centre for education and culture. It houses a library with an impressive collection of books, manuscripts, and historical writings. The monastery library is considered one of the oldest and most important libraries in Bavaria.

Metten Monastery
Isar estuary

Isar estuary

The Isar estuary is a fascinating natural crossing point where the river Isar flows into the Danube. This impressive natural phenomenon is located near Plattling and is a place of scenic beauty and ecological importance.

For visitors, the Isar estuary offers the opportunity to admire the beauty of nature and experience the harmony of two rivers. It is a popular place for nature observation, walks along the banks and also for water sports activities such as canoeing or boat trips.

Niederaltaich Monastery

Niederaltaich Monastery is an important monastery near Plattling that embodies a rich history, deep spirituality and cultural significance. As one of the oldest monasteries in Bavaria, it offers a fascinating insight into the past and development of the region.

The monastery complex of Niederaltaich impresses with its impressive architecture, which has developed over the centuries. The church of the monastery is a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture and houses valuable works of art, frescoes and sculptures from different eras.

Niederaltaich Monastery
Deggendorf Old Town

Deggendorf Old Town

The old town of Deggendorf is characterized by its picturesque narrow streets, historic buildings and medieval charm. Visitors can stroll through the cobbled streets and experience the flair of past times by admiring well-preserved half-timbered houses, churches, and historical monuments.

The central market square with its historic town hall is a vibrant meeting place and a site where history and modern lifestyle meet. Markets and events are regularly held here which reflect local life and culture.

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